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Meet Mrs. Goethals

  Mrs. Bev Goethals is in her 29th year of teaching at St. Malachy. Before teaching at St. Malachy Mrs. Goethals did a lot of substitute teaching. 

Mrs. Goethals' family includes her husband, Mike, who is deceased, three daughters-Michelle, Mary and Kathleen, and three sons-Michael, Kevin and Mark. Mrs. Goethals is Grandma to 14 grandchildren and counting. Of course, she loves spending time with her family, but also enjoys reading and gardening and is an avid Chicago Cubs and Iowa Hawkeye fan.  

Mrs. Goethals considers teaching to be her ministry and believes it to be a privilege, honor and a joy to share her love of God and the Catholic faith with her students. She is very passionate about Catholic education and loves St. Malachy School and the wonderful families that make it even more special. Mrs. Goethals is a deeply spiritual woman who quietly leads her students as well as the staff by professing her deep faith through everyday actions.

Mrs. Goethals' favorite prayer:
"God grant me the Serenity to appreciate the unique gift of my students, courage to challenge them to do their best, and wisdom to help them become all that You created them to be."  (author unknown) 

Kindergarten Prayer:  

Dear Jesus, You are my special friend and I love you. 

Help me to love others.  Be with me today as I work and play.  


Here at St. Malachy School, Christ is the foundation of who we are and is at the heart of all we do and teach.  Your kindergartener will be reminded of God’s love for him/her everyday.  I love the quote from Robert Fulhum, “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten.”  Kindergarten lays the foundation for continued life-long learning.  Our goal is to create an environment where every child can be successful.  Our desire is to help each child develop academically, socially, physically and spiritually.

What Can You Do To Help Your Kindergartener?

1.  Read to your child everyday.

2.  Review letters (capital and lowercase) and the hand shapes representing their sounds.

3.  Talk to your child about their day at school.  Ask them questions about their work.

4.  Encourage them to write simple sentences using the sight words and the letter sounds they know.

Kindergarten Desired Outcomes

1.      Accepts Routine

2.      Plays Well With Others

3.      Cooperates


5.      Good Attention Span

6.      Observes Rules

7.      Independent Worker

8.      Uses Materials Correctly

9.      Listen And Wait for his/her turn

10.  Recognize and write the capital and lower case letters

11.  Give each letter a sound and begin to put sounds together to make words.

12.  Begin reading simple books.  Begin writing in journals

13.  Read simple sight words.

14.  Print name correctly

15.  Recognize and write numbers 0-20

16.  Feel good about themselves and school

17.  Begin to know both in mind and heart that God is our creator and Father and loves them very much.  And that God sent His son Jesus to show us how to live and love. God teaches us through the Bible and the lives of the saints.