The true value of a Catholic education far surpasses success in the classroom. 

The spiritual benefits of a Catholic school environment last a lifetime--and beyond.

  • Children who attend Catholic school are more likely to remain in the faith as adults than those who attend public schools
  • Research shows that children who remain in the Church as adults have stronger marriages that are less likely to end in divorce
  • Research indicated that children who remain in the Church as adults are more tolerant of others’ opinions, and more likely to vote or perform community service

Our teachers are not only educators; they are spiritual guides to the children in their classrooms.


Our focus on faith is evident in every part of the school, from the classroom to the playground to the cafeteria.



St. Malachy students learn in an environment designed for success. Our teachers are fully qualified and certified and their classrooms are equipped with the latest technologies to help students learn and prepare for the future.

  • An average class size of 16 students, plus the assistance of classroom aides, means that St. Malachy students receive the one-to-one teaching moments they need to succeed
  • Instruction is individualized to meet the needs of students requiring extra help; as well as opportunities for students to be challenged in different subject areas at higher grade levels when appropriate
  • Additional support services including Title I Reading, Speech Language Pathology services and counseling may be arranged as needed
  • Students explore topics in science, technology, engineering and mathematics during STEM activity days throughout the school year
  • St. Malachy Catholic School is accredited by AdvancEd

 St. Malachy School is equipped with up-to-date technology integrated into classroom instruction including 1:1 Chromebooks in each classroom, a school iPad, Clevertouch displays in each grade level and in the Spanish classroom, and MacBook Pro laptop computers in the computer lab. 

        St. Malachy's challenging curriculum is enhanced by Specials classes.
               All students attend Art, Computer, Health & Wellness, Library, Music and Spanish each week.
                St. Malachy 6th grade is invited to participate in Band and Choir at Geneseo Middle School five days a week.            

St. Malachy students excel academically at Geneseo Middle School and Geneseo High School. 

2019 GHS Totals
Total # Students 49
1st Honor Roll 2nd Honor Roll
# of Students 36 12
% of Class 73% 24%
Total Honor Roll

2019 GMS Totals
Total # Students 47
1st Honor Roll 2nd Honor Roll
# of Students 31 10
% of Class 66% 21%
Total Honor Roll

*Honor roll totals are calculated based on students who attended St. Malachy School in 5th and/or 6th grade and who are enrolled at Geneseo Middle School or Geneseo High School for the entirety of the previous academic year.



Students refine communication and interpersonal skills as they assume leadership roles. 

Teachers emphasize the development of a strong foundation in public speaking through a variety of activities and leadership opportunities at every grade level.

  • Students make special presentations to their peers, and often larger audiences, at each grade level allowing them to develop confidence in public speaking. These opportunities begin in Kindergarten with Letter Person Day, first grade Readers' Theatre, Flat Stanley presentations in second grade, and Wax Museum presentations in fifth and sixth grade

  • Fifth and sixth grade students are invited to participate in the regional IESA Speech Contest and are judged on their presentation of a speech, excerpt from a play, or improv prepared with a partner or small group
  • The annual All School Project spans an entire academic year and offers students the opportunity to collaborate with students from all grade levels within multi-aged groups led by the sixth grade students
  • Third through sixth graders prepare and present the liturgy at weekly school Masses and prayer services
  • Fifth and sixth grade students serve as altar servers at weekly school Mass, daily Mass and funeral Masses throughout the school year
  • Fifth and sixth grade students partner with kindergarteners, serving as mentors and models of reverence and appropriate behavior during weekly school Masses


  • Older students serve as tutors for younger students as needed



Through a variety of service activities within the school, parish, local community and extending into the world at large, St. Malachy students learn to follow Jesus' example of serving others.

  • Students learn to share what they have and serve those in need. Each year collections of food, money and baby items are held to benefit people in need in our community


  • St. Malachy students in second, fourth and fifth grades visit local extended care and assisted living facilities throughout the school year to interact with the residents and build personal relationships by reading together, visiting and completing crafts and activities

  • During the 2013-2014 school year, as part of an All School Project, students volunteered to do various chores and jobs for their families and neighbors.  St. Malachy students earned enough money to fund the construction of two wells to provide clean drinking water for the village of Ligyara, Nigeria. CLICK BELOW to see a picture of one of the wells and a thank you letter sent to the school. Well Project Thank You