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Faculty Directory
Class page Natalie Parrish Office Staff
Pastor Fr. Daniel Gifford (309) 944-5393
School Main Number (309) 944-3230
Principal Tim Smith (309) 944-3230
Business Manager Jennifer Higgins (309) 944-5393
Director of Religious Education Kimberly Souba (309) 944-5393
Nurse Cathie Stinson, B.S.N. (309) 944-5393
School Office Office Staff (309) 944-3230
Office Assistant Natalie Parrish (309)944-3230
Kindergarten Corey Panicucci
1st Grade Carol Roemer
2nd Grade Kate Kies
3rd Grade Devon Schaaf
4th Grade Stephanie Seals
5th Grade Kristin Wilson
6th Grade Janel Aper
 Kindergarten & 1st Aide Lori Turpin  
 2nd & 3rd Aide Natalie Parrish  
 4th, 5th & 6th Aide Alisande Rapps   

Library Ellen Nelson  
Art/STEAM Theresa Walck
Health Derek Bolme  
Music Annette Martens  
 Maintenance Supervisor Gordon Wolf  
 Playground Supervisor Kathy Vercautren  


Jesus said, "Let the 

little children come to me, 

and do not hinder them, 

for the kingdom of heaven

 belongs to such as these."

Matthew 19:14