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St. Malachy School Emergency Preparedness Plan

Fire Drills

St. Malachy School conducts 3 fire drills each year. The Geneseo Fire Department assists in some of these drills and makes a fire prevention and safety presentation to the Kindergarten, first and second grade classes.


Tornado Drills

St. Malachy School conducts 2 tornado drills each year. Students learn to remain silent, take cover in a safe area and protect their head and neck.

Intruder Drills

St. Malachy teachers participate in training with the Geneseo Police Department. Students participate in 2 intruder drills each year assisted by Geneseo Police Officers.

St. Malachy School conducts drills to:
* Identify gaps in emergency planning
* Revise plans and enhance coordination
* Increase staff's emergency preparedness
* Increase students' knowledge of potential emergencies