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Welcome to Art Class

Vincent van Gogh

Claude Monet


"Every child is an artist.

 The problem is how to

 remain an artist

 once we grow up."

Pablo Picasso

Marc Chagall

Leonardo da Vinci

An Artist in the Making...

Mrs. Heiar

Mrs. Mary Heiar shares her talent and passion for Art with St. Malachy students twice each week. Mrs. Heiar taught 1st-4th grades for three years prior to joining St. Malachy's faculty and is now in her 18th year at the school. She feels blessed by the incredible support the teaching staff receives from Father Pakula, the administration, her fellow teachers and support staff as well as the parents, volunteers and parish community. In her own words, "(St. Malachy) is an amazingly warm, supportive, encouraging and positive place to come to 'work'. It is a model school others should strive for-I love this job!"

Mrs. Heiar and her husband, Dale, have three children-Nick, Rachel and Mitch; and a granddaughter, Marlie!

Besides her love of Art which extends beyond the classroom, Mrs. Heair enjoys outdoor activities, in particular flower gardening, tennis, camping, biking and bee-keeping.

Mrs. Heiar's favorite quote:
"Live in the open-mindedness of not knowing enough about anything."