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Mission Statement of St. Malachy Parish

Worshipping God, getting to know our neighbors, helping each other, that's what we are all about at St. Malachy. We hope that you'll catch the joy we share by joining us at Mass and living that joy!


Saint Malachy Parish exists to praise God and to teach and serve all His people by living the truth revealed in Jesus Christ and preserved in the Teaching and Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.


We live our faith every day. We have a Christ-like, growing faith that enables us to experience the Lord and enjoy one another. Our liturgies, ministries and programs are based on Catholic principles which enhance our personal and communal relationship with God. In our life-long struggle for conversion, we strive to learn more about our faith and our journey toward holiness.


We see Christ in ourselves and others. Our community gives us strength and reflects our love of God and one another. We are warm, open and extend the spirit of welcome to all. Our communication with each other is open, honest and sincere. Our community is inclusive. Our differences are celebrated as gifts. We seek to understand and respect one another while being tolerant of those who disagree with us.


We serve others. Ours is a parish of ministries which enables us to make a difference in people's lives. We enjoy enthusiastic members with diverse talents who are responsive to people in need. Our love and concern reaches out in a comprehensive network of care which assesses needs and focuses resources.


We use God's gifts responsibly. We wisely direct our people and material assets in order to fulfill our purpose. We have the funds and organizational means to live out our values. We have well trained volunteers in all lay ministries. Our members contribute generously of themselves to ensure resources for all programs and ministries.


We are active witnesses to God's spirit in our lives. Our witness springs not only from Christ's specific commission, but also from the power of community. We witness, therefore, both from our concern for human need and for the sake of the coming Kingdom of God. To this end, we provide learning opportunities so that all may grow strong in their relationship with God, with their families, and with each other. Our school and religious education programs are a catalyst for personal, communal and spiritual growth.

Today and into the future, we ask God's strength and direction that we may be and become the family of believers Christ calls us to be.

Parish Census Form

New parishioners are asked to complete and return our Parish Census Form

Welcome to St. Malachy Parish! Worshipping God, getting to know our neighbors, helping each other that's what we are all about at St. Malachy. We hope that you'll catch the joy we share by joining us at Mass and living that joy!