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Masses and Events

St. Malachy Altar & Rosary welcomes all women of the parish to join. If you choose not to join a circle that's not a problem. Yearly dues are $5.

2022 Altar & Rosary Society Masses

February 13 Sunday; 10:30 am
March 20 Sunday; 10:30 am
May 8 Sunday; 10:30 am
September 4 Sunday; 10:30 am
October 9 Sunday; 10:30 am
November 13
Sunday; 8:15 am

2022 Altar & Rosary Society Events


The parish bake sale (sponsored by the Altar & Rosary Society) was Saturday & Sunday, November 23 & 24, 2019.  There was a nice assortment of baked goods and EVERY item was sold by the end of the sale.  The A&R Society collected approximately $1200 from the sale which will be used in numerous charitable ways.


A big thank you to:

  • Circle 6 for hosting the First Reconciliation Dec 7th
  • Circle 14 for taking up the Mother Theresa collection in February. $509 was collected.
  • All who donated to Undies Sundays.