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Women at the Well

If you have not heard the news about our "Women at the Well" project - the news is Good!

The ladies who attend "Women at the Well" donate money and the first well in Nigeria was sponsored in 2010.  Saint Malachy has sponsored a little over 14 wells in conjunction with the "Walk to Nigeria" and "CCD".

"St. Malachy School" donated money 4 years ago and sponsored 3 wells.  This puts St. Malachy at a total of 17 wells and the ladies have started collecting money for another well.  The total cost of a well is $1200.00.

The Dominican Sisters of Peace - organize the Nigerian Water Well project and they thank all of us for our generosity and will be keeping us in prayer as they gather daily around the country and overseas.

Jesus was travelling from Jerusalem to Galilee. He went through Samaria, something most Jews would not do. He stopped at noon in a small town called Sychar. Jesus was tired. He sat by the well outside the town. The disciples went to buy food. While Jesus was alone, a woman came to the well for water. It was not the usual time to go for water. She probably came then because she did not want to meet people. Perhaps nobody would talk to her. Jesus spoke to her. He asked the woman for a drink. It may have been surprising that she did not refuse him since he was a Jew. It surprised her that a Jew would ask this. She told Jesus that she did not expect his request. Then, Jesus replied: ‘You do not know the gift of God. You do not know who asks you for water. If you did, you could ask me. I would give you living water.’ (John 4:10)

Upcoming Meetings

First Women at the Well is unable to have a program at this time.