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Confirmation Prep 7-9th Grades

St. Malachy Confirmation Prep 2023-2024

St. Malachy's Confirmation Prep Program is currently in a transitional period where students will now be confirmed at the end of eighth grade. However, we will still be confirming a group of ninth-graders in 2024.

The Confirmation Prep Program a two-year program. In seventh grade, students explore their identity as children of God and how our bodies and our outward appearance, words and actions, communicate the beauty of our invisible soul to the world. The eighth grade program will utilize Chosen, a Confirmation Prep curriculum developed by Father Mike Schmitz and Ascension Press. Students are expected to attend class, participate in activities, discussion, complete service hours, and attend the Confirmation retreat. Students are confirmed in the spring of eighth grade. 

What is Confirmation?
Regulations for Sponsors of Candidates
Tips for Confirmation Sponsors

Attendance Policy
Through the Sacrament of Confirmation, we develop our relationship with the Holy Spirit. In order to learn and begin that life-long relationship, students are expected to attend all classes. However, if class is missed, you are expected to let the teacher and/or Director of Religious Education know ahead of time. If students miss class, they will be expected to make up the class within the week of the absence. After three absences, student(s) and parent(s) will be required to meet with Kimberly Souba, Director of Religious Education. If another class is missed, student(s) and parent(s) will be required to meet with Father Gifford to determine whether or not the student will be able to move forward with Confirmation.

8th and 9th Grade Required Forms
Introduction Letter Outline (8th & 9th grade only)
Saint Report  (8th grade only)
Confirmation Sponsor Form 
Service Hour Reflection Form
Spiritual/Corporal Works of Mercy 

7th Grade Required Forms

Baptismal Record (if child was not baptized at St. Malachy)
Saint Report
Service Hour Reflection Form
Spiritual/Corporal Works of Mercy

Registration Checklist:
1. Provide a copy of student baptismal certificate (if not baptized at St. Malachy).
2. Provide a copy of student First Holy Eucharist certificate (if not received at St. Malachy).
3. Complete registration for Confirmation (for 8th & 9th graders only - Confirmation Mass)
4. Registration Form (Print and turn into office if you prefer a paper copy.) -- This is for both ALL students.
5. Online registration

Important Due Dates:
1. Introduction Letter to Father Gifford due Sunday, September 17, 2023. (8th & 9th grades only)
2. Saint Report due Sunday, November 12, 2023. (7th & 8th grades only) 
3. Confirmation Sponsor Form due Sunday, January 21, 2024. (8th & 9th grade only)

Sunday, March 24, 2024 - Palm Sunday - Living Stations of the Cross

Thursday, March 28 - Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord's Supper at 7 pm. 

Friday, March 29 - Good Friday. Stations of the Cross at noon and 7 pm (evening will be geared towards children and teens). Celebration of the Lord's Passion at 3 pm. 

Saturday, March 30 - 
Easter Vigil Mass 8 pm. 

Sunday, March 31 - Happy Easter! Masses at 8:15 and 10:30 am. There is no class. Please enjoy your day with your family celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Sunday, April 7 - 
Confirmation Retreat for grades 8th and 9th Graders will begin with 10:30 AM Mass. We will all sit together in the front on the left side of the Church. The retreat will end at 4 PM and all table leaders are requested to help. Lunch will be served.

Sunday, May 5 - Last Class for 8th and 9th Grade (Practice for Confirmation)

Wednesday, May 8 - Confirmation Mass 7 PM. Students must be in the Youth Room by 6:30 PM. Boys please wear nice dress pants and a shirt. Ties are optional. No jeans or t-shirts. Girls if you please no spaghetti strap dresses or shirts. Dresses and skirts must be no shorter than 1 in. above the knee. No jeans or shorts. Remember this is a very special Sacrament where you will be receiving the graces of the Holy Spirit. It is a special night for you and your families. 

Safe Environment: For Catechists and Classroom Helpers (18 and out of high school)

Safe Environment Training

Step by Step Instructions


7th Grade
Confirmation Prep:

Nicole Freadhoff

    Email: nicolefreadhoff@gmail.com     

8th & 9th Grade
Confirmation Prep:

Mark & Amy Roberts

Email: mcrjcril@yahoo.com (Mark)

alrjcr@gmail.com (Amy)