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School News
Mission of Saint Malachy School

St. Malachy Catholic School (Kindergarten - Grade 6) shares with the parents and parish the responsibility of growth and development of its students spiritually, morally and intellectually. The excellent, co-educational, academic program is permeated with religious and moral values that are emphasized by caring, well-qualified educators in a disciplined environment conducive to learning.

Our purpose is to fully accept Christ's love and spread His word throughout our parish, local community and the world at large.

Welcome from our Principal

Welcome to St. Malachy School! We are a small faith based school located in a friendly mid-western community. As with all Catholic schools, the reason for the existence of our school is Christ. All students receive moral and ethical education across the curriculum. All students are given the opportunity to participate in celebrating the school weekly Mass throughout the year. We believe an excellent education, strong family values, and applied Christian teachings provide a solid foundation for students as they grow into young adults.

Our administrators and staff work diligently to provide a safe and positive learning environment for all students. Our family-like atmosphere is something we value. We work hard to ensure that everyone feels welcome.

Students do not need to be Catholic in order to attend St. Malachy School. We are also able to accommodate students facing a variety of learning challenges.

 - Jack Schlindwein

What Makes Us Special?
  • Christian values permeate the classroom lessons
  • Unique opportunities exist to build character, self-confidence and leadership
  • Technology is a priority-1:1 Chromebooks in each classroom; teachers utilize interactive Smart Board lessons
  • Family Atmosphere is enhanced by the support of the Parents Club
  • Students attend Mass or prayer services weekly
  • All students attend Spanish class
  • Our yearly All School Project expands our students' horizons to consider the cultures of people throughout the country and world
  • Each teacher shares a classroom aide who provides additional support and instruction for a variety of academic levels
  • St. Malachy parishioners contribute generously to our endowment and tuition assistance funds
  • St. Malachy Catholic School is accredited by North Central Association, Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI)
Contact Information

595 E. Ogden
Geneseo, IL 61254

(309) 944-3230

(309) 944-5319

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Did You Know?
  • St. Malachy School provides family-based tuition, flexible tuition payment options, and tuition assistance to meet the needs of each family
  • St. Malachy School has a certified Special Education teacher and three aides
  • Approximately 80 percent of our students are on the honor roll in middle school and high school
  • Our 6th grade students are invited to participate with Geneseo Middle School band and choir
  • Our students succeed in athletics, music, and the arts in middle school and high school
  • Up-to-date technology is utilized in the school
  • St. Malachy Parish Center includes a gym, lunch room, art room, and music room
  • Bussing is available within the Geneseo school district
  • Online Giving is available for tuition payment