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Jesus said, "Let the 

little children come to me, 

and do not hinder them, 

for the kingdom of heaven

 belongs to such as these."

Matthew 19:14





Faculty & Staff Bios
Mrs. Francque

Mrs. Heather Francque is in her third year of administration serving St. Malachy School as Principal. Her previous experience includes teaching two years of High School English, two years as a Classroom Aide, and eight years as a stay at home mom. Mrs. Francque taught 6th Grade for eight years here at St. Malachy and served as Assistant Principal for two years. 

Mrs. Fancque's family includes her husband, Joel, her son, Nathan, and her daughter, Lindsey. Mrs. Francque's husband and children attended St. Malachy and she considers the faculty and staff to be her second family.

In her free time away from school Mrs. Francque enjoys reading, watching movies, walking and jogging, going to Jazzercise, and has throughly enjoyed watching her children participate in sports. The Giving Tree is her favorite children's book, and To Kill a Mockingbird is her favorite novel.

Mrs. Francque's favorite Bible verse:
"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." -Philippians 4:13
Mrs. Goethals

Mrs. Bev Goethals is in her 28th year of teaching at St. Malachy. Before teaching at St. Malachy Mrs. Goethals did a lot of substitute teaching. 

Mrs. Goethals' family includes her husband, Mike, who is deceased, three daughters-Michelle, Mary and Kathleen, and three sons-Michael, Kevin and Mark. Mrs. Goethals is Grandma to 15 grandchildren and one great grandson. Of course, she loves spending time with her family, but also enjoys reading and gardening and is an avid Chicago Cubs and Iowa Hawkeye fan.  

Mrs. Goethals considers teaching to be her ministry and believes it to be a privilege, honor and a joy to share her love of God and the Catholic faith with her students. She is very passionate about Catholic education and loves St. Malachy School and the wonderful families that make it even more special. 

Mrs. Goethals' favorite prayer:
"God grant me the Serenity to appreciate the unique gift of my students, courage to challenge them to do their best, and wisdom to help them become all that You created them to be."  (author unknown) 
Mrs. Roemer
First Grade

Mrs. Carol Roemer teaches first grade at St. Malachy School. Mrs. Roemer taught First Grade for four years at St. Malachy before choosing to stay home with her young children. She returned to teaching in a Catholic school and taught for two years in the Quad Cities.

A former St. Malachy student herself, Mrs. Roemer's favorite aspect of teaching at St. Malachy School is the warm, family-like atmosphere.

Her own family is very important to her and includes her husband, Mike, daughters Miranda and Leah, and sons Colin and Justin. All of her children currently attend or attended St. Malachy School.

When she is not busy teaching, Mrs. Roemer keeps busy with family life and her kids' activities. 

Mrs. Roemer's favorite quote:
"Always think positive!"
Mrs. Haars
Second Grade

Mrs. Jessi Haars is beginning her fifth year of teaching Second Grade at St. Malachy School. Prior to joining the faculty at St. Malachy she taught Middle School for eight years in Chicago, Arizona and at Seton. She also taught 3 years of Second Grade. 

Mrs. Haars loves the family atmosphere of St. Malachy School, and she herself is a former student. She appreciates the constant love and support of both faculty and staff as well as the school families. One of the highlights of teaching Second Grade is the opportunity to teach the Sacraments and watch her students experience First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. She helps form her students in the faith by sharing prayer requests each day as a class.

Mrs. Haars and her husband, Brian, have two young children. Everett and Adelia.

When she is not busy with school, Mrs. Haars enjoys spending time with her family, going to Jazzercise, watching Chicago Bears football games, reading and journaling.

Mrs. Haars' favorite Bible verse:
"Don't worry about anything, instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank Him for all He has done." Philippians 4:6-7 
Mrs. Hofer
Third Grade

Mrs. Erin Hofer has held a variety of teaching positions at St. Malachy School. Her 11 years previous experience includes 2 years of teaching P.E. as well as 5 years in Second Grade before moving to Third Grade. This is her fifth year teaching Third grade at St. Malachy.

Mrs. Hofer's family includes her husband, Eric and three children. Mrs. Hofer herself, as well as her children, Lucas, Kyle and Claire, are all former St. Malachy students.

Outside of school Mrs. Hofer loves to read and enjoys baking, painting and shopping, as well as attending her children's sports events and activities. Mrs. Hofer's passion for reading spills over into her classroom and her former students often remember her character voices and accents as one of the highlights of being in her class.

Among the many positive experiences of teaching in a Catholic school, Mrs. Hofer especially enjoys the relationships with her colleagues at St. Malachy School. 
Mrs. Schlindwein
Fourth Grade

St. Malachy is blessed to welcome Mrs. Schlindwein to the faculty.
Mrs. Nelson
Fifth Grade

Mrs. Ellen Nelson joined the faculty of St. Malachy School in 2014 after 34 years of teaching First and Second Grades in the Geneseo Unit 228 Schools. In the years that she has taught Fifth Grade at St. Malachy Mrs. Nelson has proved that it is never too late to try something new; and her positive attitude and passion for teaching inspire her students and colleagues alike.

Mrs. Nelson's favorite aspect of teaching at St. Malachy is what a wonderful family everyone is and how the faculty and staff work together so well. She loves the faith based teaching and the opportunity to share her faith throughout the day.

Mrs. Nelson and her husband, Bob, have two daughters-Krista, a college counselor, and Katie, a nurse. She also has one furry family member, a cute dog named Finnley! When she has free time, Mrs. Nelson enjoys digging in the dirt and playing in her garden among the flowers. She also loves to read and spend time with her family.

Mrs. Nelson's favorite Bible verse:
"Be still and know that I am God."

Mrs. Vandemore
Sixth Grade 

Mrs. Janel Vandemore is in her third year of teaching at St. Malachy School and has 15 years teaching experience at Bettendorf High School in the Social Studies Department teaching 10th grade World History and A.P. European History. Mrs. Vandemore has been a part of the St. Malachy School family for years as a parent. Her daughter, Emma is a former St. Malachy student, and her youngest daughter, Mia, is currently a St. Malachy 6th grader.

Mrs. Vandemore appreciates the sense of family and love shared by the students and staff at St. Malachy School and recognizes that it is a positive environment that encourages everyone to learn and grow in Christ's love. Mrs. Vandemore's creativity and positive attitude have been a wonderful asset to the faculty since she began teaching at St. Malachy.

In her free time Mrs. Vandemore enjoys traveling, spending time with her family and friends, reading and cooking.

Mrs. Vandemore's favorite quote:
"Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."
-Mahatma Ghandi
Mrs. Turpin
K & 1st Grade Aide

Mrs. Lori Turpin serves as the Teacher's Aide for both Kindergarten and First Grade. She joined St. Malachy staff in 2014 and especially enjoys the feeling of accomplishment as she watches students grow in confidence and skills. Mrs. Turpin appreciates the family atmosphere of St. Malachy and she encourages students and staff with her sense of humor and cheerful disposition.

Mrs. Turpin has been a part of the St. Malachy family for many years before joining the staff. She and her husband, Tim, enjoyed all that the school has to offer as both of their children, Patrick and Annie, attended St. Malachy. 

Mrs. Turpins hobbies include golfing, watching her children play sports and shopping.

Mrs. Turpin's favorite quote:
Let all that you do be done in love.
Mrs. Swanson
2nd & 3rd Grade Aide

Mrs. Marcia Swanson has devoted 34 years to working with children. Before coming to St. Malachy School, she taught for 5 years at Growth Preschool and served 7 years as Supervisor at Growth Daycare. For the past 22 years, Mrs. Swanson has enriched the lives of students and teachers alike in the position of Teacher's Aide for Second and Third Grades.

The students, staff and sense of community found at St. Malachy School are what make her experience on the staff so meaningful. Mrs. Swanson enriches the learning atmosphere in Second and Third Grade with her patience, kindness and ability to relate to all of the unique personalities in a class.

Mrs. Swanson and her husband, Gregg, have two adult children who both attended St. Malachy School-Eric who is married to Hila; and Claire whose daughter Ava is their first grandchild.

Mrs. Swanson enjoys many outdoor activities including walking, kayaking and fishing.
Mrs. Wyffels 
5th & 6th Grade Aide

Mrs. Vicky Wyffels has been a Teacher's Aide at St. Malachy School for 16 years. She most enjoys working with the kids and seeing how much they grow in their faith and academics. For Mrs. Wyffels the staff at St. Malachy School is like a family.

Mrs. Wyffels and her husband, Bob, have two adult children.  Their daughter, Rachel, and son, Jacob, both attended St. Malachy School.

In her free time Mrs. Wyffels enjoys running 5k's with her husband. The Wyffels also enjoy hiking in National Parks.

Mrs. Wyffels favorite quote:
"Be flexible!"
Mrs. Heiar

Mrs. Mary Heiar shares her talent and passion for Art with St. Malachy students twice each week. Mrs. Heiar taught 1st-4th grades for three years prior to joining St. Malachy's faculty and is now in her 18th year at the school. She feels blessed by the incredible support the teaching staff receives from Father Pakula, the administration, her fellow teachers and support staff as well as the parents, volunteers and parish community. In her own words, "(St. Malachy) is an amazingly warm, supportive, encouraging and positive place to come to 'work'. It is a model school others should strive for-I love this job!"

Mrs. Heiar and her husband, Dale, have three children-Nick, Rachel and Mitch; and a granddaughter, Marlie!

Besides her love of Art which extends beyond the classroom, Mrs. Heair enjoys outdoor activities, in particular flower gardening, tennis, camping, biking and bee-keeping.

Mrs. Heiar's favorite quote:
"Live in the open-mindedness of not knowing enough about anything."
Mrs. Hulsbrink

Mrs. Elizabeth Hulsbrink, former St. Malachy student, joined the faculty as Music teacher in 2015. Her previous teaching experience includes 8 years of high school ELA, 2 years teaching humanities at Blackhawk College, and four years teaching 6th grade CCD.

Watching and directing the students at weekly Mass is the highlight of Mrs. Hulsbrink's teaching at St. Malachy, she feels it is a powerful opportunity to witness to her faith.

Mrs. Hulsbrink and her husband, Jeff, have three daughters-Clare and Elouise, who attend St. Malachy, and Delilah. Their dog, Maya, is also an important part of the family.

Outside of school, Mrs. Hulsbrink enjoys singing, makeup artistry and Crossfit.

Mrs. Hulsbrink's favorite quote:
"This above all: to thine own self be true."
--Shakespeare 'Hamlet"
Mrs. Palmer
P.E. & Library

Mrs. Styphanie Palmer has been teaching at St. Malachy School for 7 years.  She teaches P.E. and Library. Previously, she taught P.E. to Kindergarten through sixth graders for nine years. 

Seeing Jesus in everything we do here as a school along with the sense of family and love are the highlight of teaching at St. Malachy School for her. Mrs. Palmer adds an undeniable element of enthusiasm and fun to whatever she does!

Mrs. Palmer and her husband, Dan, have two sons, Logan and Eli, who attend St. Malachy School. 

When she is not busy working, Mrs. Palmer is very active coaching high school softball, playing sports, and watching her boys play sports and participate in other activities. She is a huge sports fan and loves watching and attending sporting events, especially the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers.

Mrs. Palmer's favorite line from a song:
"Your world's not falling apart, it's falling into place. I'm on the throne. Stop holding on and just be held."