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Pastoral Care is designed to meet the needs of everyone, young or old, with spiritual help and support.  Some ongoing activities include prayer and Communion services at area nursing homes, Communion visits for the home-bound and help with transportation needs. If there is any other need concerning pastoral care that you may have, please contact the Parish Office, Deacon Chaffee or a member of the Pastoral team and together we can find the needed help.  Committee members:  Deacon Harley Chaffee, Ed Kemnitz, Joyce Maher, Betty Palaski, and Deacon Art Ries.

Circle of Healing Support Group

St. Malachy's Bereavement Ministry would like to offer through the gathering of those who have suffered a loss, away to share and to support the healing process.  This is a  6-week program.  Each session will last about 1.5 hours and will feature a weekly program and sharing.  No one will be required to speak or share at these sessions if they choose not to do so.  We pray that you will reach out to us so that we might offer that hand of Christ's love to you. 

If you are interested in attending the Circle of Healing sessions or have a question please contact Cathie Stinson, Parish Nurse at 945-1752 or stinsoncathie@saintmalachy.org, Deacon Art Ries at  945-9101 or ries@geneseo.net or the parish office at 944-5393.

TRINITY VNHA FOOT CLINIC - First Friday of each month.  Bring 2 towels and 1 washcloth.  Cost:  $27.00 cash or check (payable to TVNHA).  Must HAVE an appointment...call the Parish Office at 944-5393.