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Vocations Ministry


Vocations Ministry

When people mention vocations, does the priesthood or religious life come to mind?   

It is true that we need priests and religious brothers, and sisters to provide the Sacraments and hold us in prayer both now and in the future, but Holy Matrimony and the family are the least recognized Vocations by most people.    As parents, we are called to teach our children to follow Christ!



Are you worried about our Church?  Do you want to do something, but are not sure what to do?

Saint Malachy Vocation Ministry Team is looking for women to pray for our Priests

starting with Father Pakula and moving out to Bishop Jenky and Pope Francis.

Come learn more on January 7th at 7pm in the Youth Room!

Cannot make it?  Contact Jolene Thompson at 309-269-8944 or email: jgthummingbird@gmail.com