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E Learning

A Message From Your Principal 


Dear St. Malachy Families, 

Reminder that Wednesday, May 20 is school items drop off/pick up day at St. Malachy School. A schedule and guidelines were provided in an earlier email correspondence. If your family has recently been sick, please schedule a different time to drop off/pick up your items. If you decide to keep your chromebook(s) over the summer, please email me and include the chromebook #(s).

The class composite pictures have not arrived.

Mrs. Goethals' retirement party scheduled for June 13 has been cancelled. 

Please see the attached Alumni Newsletter. 

The school remains closed until we receive further direction from the Office of Catholic Schools.

Please feel welcome to contact me this summer if you have questions.

God bless,

Heather Francque


OCS Directive Concerning K-12 Instruction & Tuition During the COVID19 Pandemic

E-Learning FAQ's

Google Classroom Step-by-Step

Provision of Educational Instruction via E-Learning

FAQ's is a live, continually updated document including directions for logging in to Google Classroom and printing information from E-Learning plans.

Click a link below to access E Learning plans for a specific grade level. 

E-Learning plans for Specials classes are linked through the daily schedule within each grade level. 

Click to advance the slides within the E Learning Plan. 

Live E-Learning Plans           Archived E-Learning FAQ's 
Grade Levels    
          March 16th - 24th
1st Grade      
2nd Grade      
3rd Grade      
4th Grade      
5th Grade      
6th Grade                    

Teachers will be available via email on E-Learning days, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Please be patient as teacher responses may not be immediate.

This Friday, May 1st would have been Special Guest Day at St. Malachy School. Because the church and school are closed, we would like our school families to instead join in the spirit of Special Guest Day. 

As an alternative to Special Guest Day, students may send a prayer, card, email, text or make a phone call on Friday (or some time this week) to a special person or persons (examples: grandparent, teacher, neighbor) in their lives. This provides students an opportunity to express love, gratitude and appreciation to those who hold a special place in their hearts. 

Teachers may be posting lessons/suggestions for students in their E-Learning platforms regarding the spirit of Special Guest Day. We would like our school families to simply enjoy the day!

Thank you to Mrs. Rachel Hamilton, a St. Malachy School parent, for sharing the Sesame Street Town Hall link, which provides information about the coronavirus in a child-centered manner. Thank you, Mrs. Hamilton!

I will continue to send updates as I receive correspondence from the Office of Catholic Schools. 

God Bless, 

Heather Francque