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Living Stations of the Cross

Unfortunately, Living Stations of the Cross will be canceled for 2021.

St. Malachy Youth Ministry sponsors 'Living Stations of the Cross' each Easter Season.  Living Stations is typically scheduled 2 weeks before Easter

Final dress rehearsal is at 6:00 p.m. 2 hours before the reenactment of The Passion of Jesus!

For upcoming productions, we are looking for teens interested in being involved in the “Living Stations of the Cross” Presentation. 

In what way would you like to be involved?

READER (may require auditioning). The readers sit in the choir area and read the narration of  the production. We will need least five teens as readers.

SINGER (may require auditioning). There are six songs in the production. Each song may be a solo or duet. We will need three or four singers. Singers may also be readers.

ACCOMPANIST (may require auditioning on your instrument). We will need one or two accompanists on the piano/flute/violin/etc. Accompanist may also be readers.

DIRECTOR'S STAFF. There can be as many as there are teens interested. Responsibilities include helping with costumes, lights, sound effects, publicity, props, set and anything else necessary for the production to be staged.

ACTORS. There can be as many actors as there are teens interested. We will need several in this capacity. The actors are the ones on stage. They have no lines. They move to a position in each station. Acting experience isn’t important. Acting roles include:









 Mary Magdalen

 Guards - 4

 Weeping Women

 Faithful Followers




Male or Female 

Reader - 5

Singers - 5 + As many as possible!  (May also be readers)

Accompanists - Musicians  (May also be readers)

Director Staff - 2 to 3 (Lighting / Props / Costumes etc.)


Practice/Performance Schedule